Get to know our Acceleration Start-up Portfolio

Majik Water

Majik Water (Kenya) produces air-to-water technologies, providing potable water to communities and enterprises through water harvested from the humidity of the air.

Iriba Water Group

Iriba Water Group (Rwanda) provides water solutions through water kiosks, water ATMs and filtration systems to urban and rural communities and schools.

SDW for All

SDW for All (Brazil) provides water quality solutions to rural areas. Their flagship product is the award-winning Aqualuz, a filter that uses SODIS technology in rain harvesting systems.

Mobile Alert Toilets

Mobile Alert Toilets (Kenya) provide sanitation to schools and slum households and ensure safe desludging by incorporating sensors to the container- based sanitation.


PakVitae (Pakistan) provides innovative purification systems such as his hollow-fibre filter PakStraw in emergency contexts.

Tierra Grata

Tierra Grata (Colombia) provides access to water, sanitation and energy to rural communities.


EkogroupH2o+ (Colombia) manufactures different products for the collection and distribution of water from the recycling of PET bottles.

Badaye Technologies

Badaye Technologies (Uganda) develops innovative technologies such us the TW-20 touchless handwashing system.